Sunday, April 6, 2008

Can't go wrong with a chocolate chip cookie...

Recently I decided I really needed to make some counter space for my stand mixer. I have been taking it in and out of a closet when I need it and it was an inconvenience which meant I was only using it for larger batch recipes. After some re-organization in the kitchen, which was much needed, I found a nice little spot for the guy.

Of course made me want to make something immediately. I have learned one thing about myself - do not fight the urge to bake because it will only make me grumpy if I don't. After flipping through the little cookbook from KitchenAid that comes with the mixer I decided on chocolate chip cookies. I had not made choco chip cookies from scratch in quite some time and I'm always willing to try a new recipe for those since there are so many variations.

These were perfect - just how we like them - perfect! I'll definitely be making this particular recipe again, and again, and again!

Chocolate Chip Cookies
(from KitchenAid)

1 cup granulated sugar
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup softened butter or margarine
2 eggs
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
3 cups all-purpose flour
12 oz semi-sweet chocolate chips

Place sugars, butter, eggs, & vanilla in mixer bowl. Attach bowl and flat beater to mixer. Turn to Speed 2 and mix about 30 seconds. Stop and scrape bowl. Turn to Speed 4 and beat about 30 seconds. Stop and scrape bowl.

Turn to Stir Speed. Gradually add baking soda, salt, and flour to sugar mixture and mix about 2 minutes. Turn to Speed 2 and mix about 30 seconds. Stop and scrape bowl. Add chocolate chips. Turn to Stir Speed and mix about 15 seconds.

Drop rounded teaspoonfuls onto greased baking sheets, about 2 inches apart. Bake at 375 preheated oven for 10 to 12 minutes. Remove from baking sheets immediately and cook on wire racks.


bakingblonde said...

Those look so yummy!

~Amber~ said...

Those look excellent, cookies sound so good right now.

Kate said...

I love how they're not all flat like my cookies always turn out.