Monday, November 19, 2007

Glutton for punishment

So it's almost 10:45 on Monday night and I just finished wrapping up the last of the goodies I made for tomorrow's bake sale at work. It is for the Good Neighborhood Energy fund. The company does this fundraiser every year - and there are lots of good things besides baked goods - raffles, hot lunch, crafts, etc. Here's the website if you're interested in taking a look:

Ok, mind you, I cheated on almost all of these....I used boxed mix. But when it comes to bake sales volume tends to speak louder than..............than..................what's the word I'm looking for? "Homemadedness." Let's face it, I can bake a lot more stuff if it comes from a box than if it's homemade which equals more money that can be raised.

Ok, I'm sure "homemadedness" is not a word in the Webster Dictionary but I'm tired so you have to give me a free pass. I should probably mention I did some of this baking last night, believe it or not, so I've been busy. Then of course I had to package and label them all - because that's just me. Even though this stuff isn't homemade I figured I would share some pictures anyway. For those interested in what I made - mini banana breads, mini cranberry breads, pumpkin muffins, cinnamon streusel muffins, chocolate peanut butter chip cookies (thank you Pilsbury Doughboy and Betty Crocker). I also made sugar cookies (non-prettily shaped ones) which were actually homemade (although I didn't take a picture before they got bagged and labeled so you'll have to live without that). I'll share the recipe later. I'm honestly too tired to see straight now. Nighty night, all!

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