Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Monthly Muffin Challenge

Last night I read my friend Danielle's blog entry about her personal challenge of 50 cupcakes - 1 type of cupcake for every week for the rest of the year. I cannot wait to see what she comes up with. Danielle is just about the most creative person I know!

Her cupcake entry got my wheels turning - that I too should challenge myself - what do I have to lose? The number 50 intimidated me though, so I figured a monthly challenge might be more my speed since, unfortunately, I am not the talent that Danielle is! that's a number I can handle.

The idea of a monthly muffin was a little bit of a cheat on my part. See, I already planned on trying out a new muffin recipe for this weekend anyway. I'm going over my friend Sam's house for a grown-up girls only slumber party (woohoo!) and I thought some muffins for the next morning would be a nice contribution to the affair. But in my defense when thinking about what type of food I could challenge myself too, muffins first came to mind not only because of the obvious fact that I planned baking a batch in just a few days, but also because I don't have many muffins in my repetoire. So, if all goes well I should have 12 new recipes (or more if I get really ambitious) in my pocket by the end of this year.

That is, of course, only if this challenge is enough motivation for me to fire up my oven in the summer months!!


Danielle said...

Robin--you are too kind. I'm not that creative...crazy though! :)

Good luck girl in your quest...I've got some ideas in my head you think "muffins" also qualify as cupcakes? They have the same kind of ingredients...and they are made in cups...? I saw a few in the 500 Cupcake book that look AMAZING!

Joe and Samantha said...

You go .... I'll try them ALL.