Friday, August 22, 2008

Jalapenos from the garden...

So I am growing my first vegetable garden this summer and I've been blessed with a gaggle of jalapenos.

Yeah, I know, a gaggle refers to geese but today I want a gaggle to refer to my jalapenos...and what I say in my blog, goes!

What to do with this gaggle, I pondered. I looked around for some good recipes and one stood out among them all - Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Thingies from none other than The Pioneer Woman Cooks!

First off, how much easier could these get? And anything that involved cream cheese is a winner in my book! I did take a picture of my little guys that I have yet to upload. In the meantime, please enjoy The Pioneer Woman's much better photography. They do these "thingies" much more justice than my picture will. When my next stash of these little guys are ready to pick I will be sure to make some more of these. They are plain old addicting!!! Spicy (too spicy for my husband....but that just means more for ME!), but addicting.

And since they are so simple (p.s. I had to forgo the toothpicks since I couldn't find any in the cabinet and the bacon pretty much stayed put anyway), they make a fabulous appetizer to just have at home one night before dinner (which is what we did) or even to bring to a party. These are an A+ in my book!


That Girl said...

I bet it tasted even better with homegrown jalepenos

Teresa said...

I've been dying to try these! They sound delicious. Glad to hear that you liked them. I'll have to motivate to make some soon while there are still jalapenos in the garden.