Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fun with the new grill...and leftovers!

I'm the kind of person that dreads letting any kind of food go to waste. I'm not afraid of leftovers or figuring out new ways to make them into something new. When I was kid, my mother had "leftover night" about once a week. I do something similar, or leftovers become lunch for another day, or if I have a lot of excess it goes in the freezer (as long as it's freezer friendly). Let's face it, food is expensive and not getting any cheaper in this economy so I try to always get enough bang for my buck.

This week's leftover challenge: grilled steak. Early last week I made a beef fried rice (complete with veggies and scrambled eggs) with some of the steak but I still had some left and decided to make some quesadillas with the rest on the grill. There's no recipe for this - you could put anything you really want in these. In fact I had a small piece of leftover chicken I diced to make one chicken quesadilla.

Since my steak was already grilled and seasoned I only put steak and cheddar cheese, with some grated pepper jack on these. Onions and peppers would be fabulous on these as well, at least as long as you don't have a onion & pepper hating husband like I do!

To make them, I just brushed olive oil on one side of a flour tortilla, and placed that side down on the grill. Working quickly I placed my steak and cheese over this tortilla, placed another on top, and then brushed the top of that flour tortilla with more olive oil. Then just flip once the cheese is melty and they are ready once you have the appropriate grill marks. Yum!

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That Girl said...

I tend to be the "leftovers for lunch" kind of girl, but lately I've been trying to be better about cooking for two.